Top Places in India and You Are Heartbroken

Posted by on July 20, 2019

Heartbroken can devastate you and not only do they make you feel lost and alone, but they also compel you to question your worth. It is a terrible time to go through. While, there is no shortcut to healing yourself, traveling when you are heartbroken is somehow conducive to ease up the pain. However, some

Heartbroken can devastate you and not only do they make you feel lost and alone, but they also compel you to question your worth. It is a terrible time to go through. While, there is no shortcut to healing yourself, traveling when you are heartbroken is somehow conducive to ease up the pain. However, some of us have found their complete healing in travel, and that says a lot about its importance. So, if your heart is aching and you feel the need of being reclusive to get your act together, there are a number of places in India to plan a trip. Here, let me help you with listing some of my favorite destinations in India.

the Mountains Comfort You:

It is true – mountains are the biggest healers in the pantheon of nature. They have this magical way of connecting with everyone, especially the broken-hearted. Their silence is so comforting that for hours and more your mind becomes thoughtless. In times of your grief, such magical experiences are best found in the Indian Himalayas. I will be utter honest with you, and confess, Kinnaur was my escape to peace and healing after a break-up. Hence, the recommendation of visiting Kinnaur when you are heart broken comes from the horse’s mouth. No one will argue about the scenic beauty of this destination in Himachal Pradesh, I am talking about sprawling apple and apricot orchards, scintillating Baspa River, and the imposing Kinner Kailash Range, that will not let you feel alone anywhere in Kinnaur. As soon as you will reach Reckong Peo, the district headquarters of Kinnaur district, you’d start to feel better. And once you start exploring the top destinations of Kinnaur like Kalpa, Sangla, Raksham, and Chitkul, the last inhabited village of India on Indo-Tibet Border, chances are you will be filled with an optimistic look out towards your new life. The beauty of the mountains and the simplicity of the locals will fill your heart with so much of gratitude that it is highly likely you will plan to return to Kinnaur once again.

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Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

In Kumaon Hills, you’d feel a sense of affinity, something that propels the healing process. While the Panchachuli Peaks is where your eyes will be fixed most of the time when in Munsiyari, you’d feel so blessed having to greet the humble and hospitable locals.Munsiyari is one of Uttarakhand’s best kept secrets, so rest assured there would hardly be anyone disturbing your peace. Amidst the tall Kumaon Himalayas, you can leave all your worries and pain behind and take back with you the strangest yet the most amazing kind of satisfaction. Munsiyari’s top attraction is Khaliya/Khuliya Top which is reckoned to be an easy hike with incredibly rewarding views. You can also visit the sacred Nanda Devi Temple some odd 3 km away and Birthi Falls which is 14 km from this beautiful place in Uttarakhand.A homestay accommodation would be ideal in Munsiyari to relish the Kumaoni culture and hospitality. Go up the main market and find a place to stay in Sarmoli to ensure your peace is not disturbed by anything at all but is enhanced by the silent conversation with pristine nature. Munsiyari will send you back with so much of positivity that you will thank yourself for planning this holiday when you were heartbroken.
Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmiri don’t have to proclaim it, you already know, Ladakh is stunning beyond words. And if at all there has to be a place that can erase your on-going thoughts then it has to be this. The bare mountains in Ladakh may render a stark contrast to what you are accustomed to witnessing in a hill destination in India but trust me, these rolling giants are the best healing agents for your aching heart. Their sturdiness will constantly remind you to stay still, strong, and calm with an insane level of elegance against all the odds. And before you know it, you’d feel the anxiety and heaviness of heart gradually fading away. Since Ladakh is becoming crowded, make sure you pick a few destinations that are less visited by tourists. It is important to have some places in Ladakh all by yourself, for the fact you deserve this vacation, and no one should have a share in it. Opt for places like Tsomoriri, Tsokar, and Turtuk along with top attractions in Ladakh as this blend will be the best remedy to comfort your aching heart.
There’s nothing more satisfying than accomplishing a task you think is difficult. Not only succeeding at achieving something seemingly impossible would boost your self-esteem but it will also offer you a new interest/hobby. You’d realize that beyond the small dream world that you have woven with your partner, there was a much larger and promising world that demanded your attention. Trekking is one activity that can inarguably accelerate the healing process. And choosing one of the best trekking trails in India is like the wisest decision you can make to get on the road to recovery, quickly. Tarsar and Marsar Lake in Kashmir is a choice you will not regret as this trek boasts the most gorgeous alpine meadows adorned with wildflowers and two breathtaking lakes flanked by lofty mountains. By Tarsar Lake, you will have the opportunity to camp overnight. Trust me, this feeling of being under the star-lit sky near a lake that changes color with hues of the sky is something you will never forget. Another unforgettable moment would come when you will catch the bird’s eye view of Marsar Lake, let me warn you, this view can make you cry with happiness and question if you need to even go back.

Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass trek is something that will, in particular, make you forget just about everything in your life with its unparalleled beauty. Beginning from Manali, it is a crossover trek which takes you through surreal destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The trekking trail passes through breathtaking meadows usually strewn by flowers, and valleys where the barren mountains tell you to keep your spirit high. Hampta Pass trek allows you to see beauty in both conventional and unconventional, imparting you an important lesson of life to accept and embrace what comes your way and keep the pleasant memories of what you have left behind.



HeartbrokenSince you are dealing with heartbreak, the last thing you would want is a holiday around couples. I know, I wouldn’t want that! Therefore, it is important to choose a holiday destination that is not quite popular amongst honeymoon couples or people, in general. This is where Lakshadweep comes into light. Where all the couples and tourists are busy boasting their vacation in Andamans, it will be your chance to be smart and choose an equally or probably more stunning destination of Lakshadweep. Seated on the southwest coast of India, Lakshadweep boasts 36 gorgeous islands and rich coral reefs. Here, you have a chance to relish that dream beach holiday where you get to have an entire beach to yourself, could it get any better? The sunrise and sunset views will be the most heartwarming experiences assuring whatever you are going through will pass. The azure water will offer you a warm embrace motivating you to keep going. Only a few islands in Lakshadweep are inhabited, and amongst its top attractions are Agatti, Kadmat, Minicoy, Bangaram, Suheli, Kalpeni, Thinnakara, Cheriyam, Chetlat, and Bitra. You can enjoy plenty of watersports in these tropical islands along with a luxurious stay in some of the most beautiful hotels & resorts.

Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest, Gujarat

We all know that forests are the land of fables and in these dark and deep woods one thing that is guaranteed is peace of mind. In Gujarat, not so far from the attraction of Ahmedabad, is the Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest. If you haven’t heard of Polo Forest, spare 10 minutes, and go to this blog here because I have to convince you that the place is worth your while.Polo Forest is spread in a 400 sq km area through which flows the perennial Harnav River. I first learned about this place in 2014 and was fascinated by its quaintness. In 2018, I finally planned a trip here, and the experience was as beautiful as the place itself. Polo forest is about ruins that blend so perfectly with the forest that without each other, they look incomplete. The place is so scenic that after you enter it, you seem to forget everything else in a flash and your only focus is the mesmerizing wilderness and the jungle complimenting. You’d fall in love with this place and its beauty, and realize how easy it is to move on when you are surrounded by surreal sites and purity of nature.

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Now I know this, when you have an aching heart, you either want to be wrapped in the arms of someone close or you seek utter solitude where you can ponder over what has actually happened. While both your desires are only natural, seeking solitude is something you must do in order to pick yourself. And doing this while you travel to a place full of solace seems an ideal plan.I have never been to Dzukou Valley, but I feel that this beautiful destination marking the Manipur-Nagaland Border is one of the best places to go with your broken heart. In fact Dzukou is everything you require from a destination to mend your shattered soul. The sprawling lush green valley that comes to life in monsoons with the blooming of wildlife flowers, Dzukou is so far an offbeat destination, which construes on some days, you can have this place all by yourselves. It is a great place to hike, pitch a tent and relish dreamy vistas. By the end of this adventure trip, you’d be more than prepared to get back to your normal life, all strong.

Majuli, Assam

HeartbrokenNot sure, if many of us know this, Majuli in Assam is the largest river island in the world. But that’s not the reason why this place is added to this list of top places in India to visit when your heart broken. My friend visited Majuli, a few months ago and the stories he came back are the sole reason why I would want anyone who has lost someone to a situation/circumstance to visit.In the monsoon every year, the people of Majuli face a loss of property, means of livelihood, as well as life to floods that consumes the major part of the island. The locals have to bank on the earning they make through agriculture, handloom, and pottery in the other two seasons to sustain their lives. Majuli and its people will give you so many reasons to be grateful for your life. Their brave stories will motivate you to face every obstacle and challenge. Trust me, you’d return as a completely different person, someone who has empathy and knows how to gracefully fight against all odds. Majuli is also blessed with pretty landscape and gorgeous views of Brahmaputra River, and it has a rich cultural heritage that is well-preserved through Satras which are home to traditional religious practices, art, literature, dancing, and theatre.

Dong, Arunachal Pradesh

I’ve been giving you plenty of challenging destinations to visit in this blog, and it is all intentional. I feel in order to forget something terrible we need something that can truly take us by surprise and wake that inner fighter in us. Dong in Arunachal Pradesh, maybe unheard to you, and this is why it is making to my list of best places in India to visit when you are heartbroken. This lesser-known destination in Arunachal may sound to you intriguing when I will reveal it is the first place in India where the sun rises. Did that catch your eyes? I hope it did. Well, since this place is exclusive, it is but natural that reaching here is hard work. One has to trek to Dong through pine forest, and no it isn’t an easy trek. You will also need to get an ILP (Inner Line Permit) issued. But let me reassure you, it is all worthwhile. Dong was once a small village where the first tourists were seen in the year 1999 who wanted to see the millenium’s first sunrise in India in Dong. Due to a scarcity of water, the village had to be abandoned and now it is just a soulful place to watch the first ray of sun touching the land of India and what an amazing feeling it is.