Top Famous Destinations to Visit in North Kerala

Posted by on October 9, 2020

North Kerala is one of the most beautiful destination in the whole world and is popularly known as the heaven by all the tourists that visit this ultimate travel destination. There are often questions asked like what makes Kerala such an alluring place to visit and what can a tourist do once some famous places

North Kerala is one of the most beautiful destination in the whole world and is popularly known as the heaven by all the tourists that visit this ultimate travel destination. There are often questions asked like what makes Kerala such an alluring place to visit and what can a tourist do once some famous places are visited. Kerala is can be toured easily by dividing it into two parts, North Kerala and South Kerala.

North Kerala

Kerala is located on the coastal region of the India and has some wonderful parks, reserves, lakes, hills and a lot of mesmerizing places which are hard to find all such in one place. There are many places a traveler can visit during their tour in Kerala.

South Kerala includes the capital and some important and famous national parks. South Kerala with its breathtaking sceneries often attracts a lot of tourists but North Kerala has some wonderful locations which can be visited as well.

1. Bekal

For all the adventure lovers and history lovers Bekal is one of the most beautiful places to visit as it has a nice and well-kept fort which showcase the ancient architecture used by the civilization’s years ago and a sound beach.

The beach can provide a nice break from all the hustle of daily life and relax a little. The fort was built 300 years ago and is in close proximity to the beach and the Arabian sea. This place can be reached by the railways and bus, although the nearest airport is just 50 km away in Mangalore.

2. Chembra Peak

This is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Western Ghats due to the scenic beauty and various activities the place provides. The place provides a number of activities that are trekking some green mountains and exploring the greens along with some rock climbing which can challenge and at same time enjoyed by the professionals.

One of the most famous spots of the trekking is the heart shaped lake that is situated on route to top and give a beautiful view of the whole landscape. The closest railroads and air terminal are about 50 kms and subsequently an appropriate excursion should be arranged.

3. Edakkal Caves

These caves are one of the oldest knows caves there are some ancient carvings in them which are known to be thousand years old. The caves are known to be founded during the time of Indus valley civilization, that makes it very intriguing to visit.

The best time to visit the caves are from 9 in the morning to 4 in the evening. The caves are located in Wayanad at Ambukutty hills from which a car or bus can be taken to reach at the hill. To climb the hills is comparatively easy and offers some nice view to the inscriptions in cave.

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4. Silent Valley

To experience a vast biodiversity of animal and plants then the silent valley is one of the best places to travel. There are thousands of flowering plants and in fact nearly 110 species of orchids alone.

It is nearly 43 kms away from Palakkad railway from where the majority of the travelers visit through. The Silent valley National park is located in the heart of North-East region of the Palakkad district and exhibits a huge variety in the exotic flora and fauna.

The region is covered with tropical evergreen forest which provides the park a nice weather and green cover throughout the year.

5. Guruvayoor Temple

The sanctuary is referred to as the Dwarka of South as the entire sanctuary is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The sanctuary is situated in faltering palms of the coconut trees which enhances the magnificence of such a view.

There are limitations to different strict gatherings on entering the sanctuary as it is considered as one of the most sacrosanct traveler locales in the state. The sanctuary is all around connected by the streets and can be come to by the transport from train in

Thrissur rail roads that is 40 km away or the Cochin international air terminal that is 83 km.

6. Nelliyampathy hills

This is one of the most appealing hill stations in Kerala with incomparable beauty that attracts hundreds of tourists. It is a huge place and 2-3 days are required to completely enjoy and explore the place.

There is some viewpoint that can be found here like the Seetharkundu viewpoint as well as the national park and wildlife sanctuaries that keep sure wildlife here remains safe.

The international airport is 55 km away whereas the nearest railway station is just 56 km away thus making it an ideal trip from a taxi or bus.

7. Banasura Sagar Dam

In the today’s technological era it is important to capture some beautiful sceneries from time to time and the Banasura Sagar dam provides the tourist such an opportunity. The water in the dam is crystal clear the mountain background which makes it one of the artistic places in the world.

During the monsoon season there is formation of islands on the lake which make it a delight to travel here. The dam and the lake are roughly 100 km away from the airport but just 75 km away from railway station of Kozhikode in Wayanad.

8. Thusharagiri falls

This is one of the largest waterfalls which are usually unexplored by the tourists. The waterfall is divine to watch as water from a great height and can enjoy the wonderful terrain on which the waterfalls.

There are some rubber plantations and spices plantations close to these waterfalls which can also be visited and gives a nice justification to go trekking at such a place. While trekking some exotic birds and animals can be found.

The nearest airport and the railway station are both 50 km away and hence this stunning place can be visited conveniently.

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9. Thottada Beach

Beaches are one of the most enjoyable places in any country of the world. The Thottada beach of North Kerala is one of such sites where tourist can enjoy the soothing waves of the Arabian sea and some of the best coconut juices.

The best time to visit the beach in North Kerala is late afternoon and the evening and, at times even the time of dusk when the moon shines bright and the waves are high. There are some beach activities like cruise whip, or boat rides taken along with exploring the wildlife on the sea.

10. Arakkal Museum

North Kerala has a rich reserve of culture and history as well which can be found in the Arakkal Museum in Kannur. There are some artifacts and medieval age paintings that are worth visiting.

These facts are very informative with their description and the timeline on how the events occur from time to time. For tourist who love to know about the history of any such place then this can be worth visiting in the North Kerala as a tourism destination.

There are artifacts that provide supports the idea on how and what kind of rituals were performed in early Kerala and how have they turned out now.