Best Places to Visit in India in 2020

Posted by on July 30, 2020

best India is a canvas of beauty and colors. Starting from unique culture to international styled destinations, India is a land for everyone. Are you looking for traveling in a shoestring budget? India has numerous spots for backpackers, just like you. Are you looking for a vacation fit for the kings? India is riddled with luxury

best India is a canvas of beauty and colors. Starting from unique culture to international styled destinations, India is a land for everyone. Are you looking for traveling in a shoestring budget? India has numerous spots for backpackers, just like you. Are you looking for a vacation fit for the kings?


India is riddled with luxury trains, boutique hotels, heritage spots and much more. It is all about how you are planning to spend your time and India is an amoeba, which would transform into a personalized paradise, just for you. There are so many best places to visit in India.

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1. Goa, India

Among the endless things you want to complete in your bucket list before you get married, Goa would be able to provide opportunity for completing at least half of them. This region hold 30 different beaches, unique churches, interesting natural and adventure activities and last but not least, the never-ending nightlife. This is the land with booze everywhere and energetic activities every minute. Do you want to have some time to yourself, enjoy scuba diving and merge into nature with spice plantations, trekking and others.

2. Leh, India

This is the adventure capital of the country. Possessed with the top three mountain passes, which could be scaled on a vehicle, this region is famous for endless snow and dry adventure activities. Leh and the surrounding regions are also famous for unique culture, serene monasteries, incredible nature and best of all, hospitality. If you want some adrenaline up your nerves, this would be the best place to enjoy.

3. Andaman Islands, India

Although assumed as single destination, this place is a cluster of small islands, each famous for beaches and unique water activities. Starting from simple boating to scuba diving, you can enjoy all kinds of water activities here. On the silky beaches, the place provides endless entertainment and beautiful culture.

Andaman is not the only island of India but this is the one of the famous places to visit in India. There are numerous other famous islands and some unique and daring islands. Are you up for some adrenaline time? Visit Top Ten Unique Islands to Visit in India to add more destinations to your bucket list.

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4. Varanasi, India

Ganga Arti is not the entire itinerary of Varanasi. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world, which is still populated. Varanasi holds numerous alleys, filled with temples. The either side of River Ganges is filled with 88 different ghats, each famous for different elements. Varanasi is also the gateway to reach Sarnath, the pinnacle of Buddhism pilgrimage in India.

Top Attractions in Varanasi

Assi GhatDashashwamedh GhatManikarnika GhatKashi Vishwanath TempleTulsi Manas TempleDurga TempleRamnagar Fort & Museum, Chunar Fort, Sarnath, Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum, Man Mandir Observatory.

5. Agra, India

Let’s face it. Everyone who visits France, want to visit Eiffel Tower. Therefore, everyone who visits India would obviously want to visit Taj Mahal. The World Wonder of India, the marble mausoleum is the heart of tourism of India. Agra is not just about Taj Mahal. Agra is the remainder of Mughal dynasty, for today’s Agra sightseeing tour.

Filled with numerous unique structures of Mughal region, this destination attracts millions of people, every year. Do not forget to shop while you are in Agra. The best way to scale Agra is by taking the Golden Triangle Tour.

6. Thar desert, India

This is one-of-a-kind destination of India located in Rajasthan. This vast desert is famous for luxury camping, camel safari, challenging adventure activities and much more. Many service providers conduct cultural programs on the carpet of sand or allow you to enjoy a romantic moonlight dinner on the warm sands.

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7. Rishikesh, India

Yes, bordering River Ganges, this is yet another spiritual destination and best places to visit in India. However, it is just one of the faces of Rishikesh. It is also famous for yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic styled vacation, thanks to the Himalayan nature of the region. For youngsters, this is the place for beautiful adventure activities like rafting, zip lining, bungee jumping and much more.

8. McLeodGanj, India

This is a hidden gem in India, when it comes to tourism. Filled with Tibetan culture and Buddhism, this place is very serene, thanks to the spectacular mountainous background. Apart from monasteries, this place is also famous for many unique trekking trails. Are you looking for a secluded destination for your vacation and best places to visit in IndiaVisit McLeodGanj.

9. Coorg, India

India has a long list of hill stations of varying themes and styles. Of all, Coorg is one important destination for mountainous beauty. Famous for its simplicity in attractions and high level of intoxicating activities, this hill station is also called as the Scotland of East. The plantations, unique viewpoints and fresh flora of the region would rejuvenate you.

10. Jim Corbett National Park, India

This is the top-most national park of the country. This national park is famous for numerous animals like tigers, bear, deer and others. You can also find a few endangered species in this park. A jeep safari through the park is the prime activity of the region. Jim Corbett National park is not at prime beauty throughout the year. Thus, choose your timing accordingly.